About us

Hello Everyone

Welcome to the home of the best ceramics in Ireland! CeramicsIreland is a magazine website that promotes ceramic practice in Ireland.

We present the latest news and views on contemporary & historical ceramics, ceramic art, and pottery all around the country. This site is an invaluable resource for ceramic artists, potters, curators, collectors, students, and just about anyone with a flair for ceramics.

The CeramicsIreland magazine is produced twice in the year and distributed all over Ireland. Our team of seasoned editors and expert artists regularly travels to international conferences to promote the magazine and ceramic practice in this country.

This way, we have been able to raise our international profile. CeramicsIreland continually seeks and utilizes opportunities to promote Irish ceramics, its services, and members, both at the national and global levels. In the process, we have built the profile of ceramics in Ireland as a collectable art form.

Each issue of CeramicsIreland covers every aspect of pottery making. We examine wheel throwing and hand-building, step-by-step pottery projects. We also cover decorating and firing, clay tools, glaze design and recipes for low, mid-range & high-fire glazes; supplies and equipment; health and safety of ceramics studios; kiln-building, maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting.

In our issues, you will find reports on clay artist profiles and inspiring photos of their works and studios; potters’ philosophies; teaching techniques; ceramic world news & events; great pottery tips; ceramic art exhibits; and educational activities in clay.